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  1. hi there i used to live down the track at hatfield be the 50s/60s met all kinds of travelers we had yards and a bungalow and trailers and gave winter lodge to some of the mannings fair people it's a long time ago we also had yorkshire travelers lovely people one in particular always asked me to tie his shoe laces up this might jog someones memory....caldines davis smiths as were we...granny caladine had a 30ft trailer she would make you welcome wonderful home inside and lovely clocks how i would love to meet up with some of the travelers of 50/55s my child hood now gone and retired not much family left but a few cousins these people of my youth were proper travelers and kind always mad one welcome whatever they lived in good tralers some we called doodle bugs small and time inside of them limited mostly outside by the yog.....with a hotchi roasting as my grandfather bought me up dad from hetton-le-hole only came to me once child in pram love of my mothers life he never came back married possibly but would love to know if he had kids (chavies) we are smiths ex showman my grandfather ....hope this goes on the web much love for this wonderful site if only i could find a bit of land and place a good vickers thereupon my dreams come true i live in a house now prisons my own love to all good romanies i'm called jimmy. i have a few old photies maybe a place on this site one day....MAGIC

    (Posted on 2017-04-18 19:57:00 by james/jimmy williams)
  2. hi have bought a roma supreme gt 1992 looks like oringinal ceiling lights have been replaced have slowly been getting it back to it;s old self but finding it very difficult to find any spares or even if there is anyone who makes repro parts been looking at your photos there great were from portsmouth and from market traders etc nice to get back to our roots many thanks brian

    (Posted on 2016-09-23 18:09:00 by brian reid)
  3. Hi, Im looking for a Vickers caravan, not too bling or big money, restoration projects considered. Please email me on: [email protected]

    (Posted on 2016-07-11 21:06:00 by smiles99)
  4. After all these years as an adoptee, I have finally found my people . Thank you for this site

    (Posted on 2016-07-10 18:46:00 by gypsypapp)
  5. What a fantastic site, So lovely that all this history is being collected i will pass the info on
    to people i know will love it,

    (Posted on 2016-03-10 10:14:00 by julie bicknell)
  6. hi just woundering if any one as a carlight wheel trim 13 inch for sale if you have or know someone who as please call this number cash buyer 07789417325

    (Posted on 2015-09-12 15:51:00 by JOHN CALLADINE)
  7. MISSION TENT GOSPEL SERVICE. Preacher: Nigel White. Sunday evening 9th August 2015 7.30pm . The Glebe field, Owslebury, Winchester, Hants SO21 1LU

    (Posted on 2015-07-12 08:20:00 by Nigel Sylwood White)
  8. hi im looking to swap or px my wagon for an early roma or buccaneer with a fire any ideas please wife would love a chromed up one but who wouldnt lol the wagon is new built can show photos from start to finish she is a burton style any help to locate any of the above or a vickers i know im dreaming lol kushti bok to you all steve

    (Posted on 2014-09-20 22:05:00 by steve)
  9. what a wounderfull site found this by mistake gonna share on facebook so other travellers can see it <3

    (Posted on 2014-06-27 08:15:00 by christine loveridge)
  10. Can any one help us please. My wife and I are trying to restore a 1950's Vickers caravan and need to replace the lead on the windows. Is there anyone in the Chesterfield area that can do this for us or tell us how to get it done. It is the same style of caravan used by Mr Vickers himself, and we would like to restore it as faithfully as possible. Thank you, Ann and Peter.

    (Posted on 2014-06-14 18:27:00 by Peter Gooding)
  11. I never found the article as complete as this,nice job..

    (Posted on 2014-02-27 12:59:00 by Cara menyembuhkan kista miom)
  12. Amazing. How Beautiful trip

    (Posted on 2014-02-20 08:08:00 by kukui)
  13. Nice article , thanks for share

    (Posted on 2014-02-03 12:52:00 by doc mcstuffin check up center)
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    (Posted on 2014-01-08 10:46:00 by dapur cokelat)
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    (Posted on 2014-01-08 10:45:00 by digital marketing indonesia)
  16. hya can anybody tell me where i can but the plastic coverings for my seats in my roma caravan pls cheers

    (Posted on 2014-01-03 15:54:00 by micky kelly)
  17. Looking for replacement brake arms for an astral trailer. thanks

    (Posted on 2013-11-16 23:53:00 by Iain)
  18. Hello, I saw your site quite a while ago and just happened across it again today. I love all the older pictures that you have here. I wonder if you would be interested in some of my family pictures showing some of the trailers that we had from the late 50's all the way up to the late 70's. I have many of them on my facebook page under Terry Bryant Harrison. You may have to "friend" me to see them, I'm not sure......Terry

    (Posted on 2013-11-08 07:38:00 by Terry Harrison)
  19. hi im looking for a roma caravan preferably a 19foot a good year with end bedroom if any1 has a one could you ring pls 07946639994

    (Posted on 2013-07-15 10:11:00 by michael)
  20. hi the news paper clip on big just is about my grate grandfather and i wood love to have it do u no wot news paper it was in so i cod try and get it if no do u have a copy i cod have thanks x

    (Posted on 2013-06-01 11:39:00 by michelle forrest)
  21. Hi Kenneth did you get the pictures I emailed to you of the WS that we had in circus please let me know Thanks Martyn

    (Posted on 2013-05-14 18:54:00 by martyn20)
  22. hi kenneth reading what you told melania l . i found a number near the wheel arch on my westmoorland comet caravan and the number is 11 79 so it must be the second or third one made

    (Posted on 2013-05-09 18:49:00 by mick)
  23. Hi Melanie. If it hasn't been removed, the number is behind the side bunk, over the wheelarch area. Some people removed them so the trailer couldnt be dated !

    (Posted on 2013-04-19 10:38:00 by Kenneth mayhew)
  24. Hi Ken please can you tell me where to find the number on a westmorland start probably 1974. thanks Melanie

    (Posted on 2013-03-28 06:40:00 by Melanie L)
  25. thanks ken it wold be nice to see all 3 together in a photo

    (Posted on 2013-03-14 20:01:00 by mick)
  26. Hi Mick.....thanks for the nice comment about the site. I know your trailer well Joe is a friend of for the number on the Commet, I dont know !! . Ken.

    (Posted on 2013-03-11 19:26:00 by Kenneth mayhew)
  27. this site is history of travelers therse no better site in the world i have a westmooreland comet bought from a very nice family the howards were would i find a number to say if its 1 2 3 off the comets ever made

    (Posted on 2013-02-04 21:24:00 by mick)
  28. hello im looking for sum spares for my nuvardo?

    (Posted on 2012-11-10 02:04:00 by lee)
  29. Unfortunately he doesnt make them to sell Mike.

    (Posted on 2012-09-19 18:50:00 by Kenneth mayhew)
  30. can some1 tell me how much the bird cages are that william stevens sells plz !

    (Posted on 2012-09-13 21:24:00 by mike smith)
  31. Hi Rueben. Yes its the same trailer. Ken.

    (Posted on 2012-09-12 18:25:00 by Kenneth mayhew)
  32. Irene if you email me I will give you Alberts number. Ken. ([email protected])

    (Posted on 2012-09-12 18:24:00 by Kenneth mayhew)
  33. just looking at photos the pictures in jim burtons folder in the background looks like the showmans trailer with the fins ( also pictured on your site ) is it the same trailer ??

    (Posted on 2012-09-11 20:01:00 by reuben leveridge)
  34. hello i have a 19ft nuvardo for sale cut glass ,stove £2,600 e- mail me on [email protected]

    (Posted on 2012-09-11 13:35:00 by lee)
  35. Hello

    I'm looking for the contact details of Albert Scamp if possible? I would like to buy a model for my mother, many thanks.


    P.S- Fantastic site! love looking at the photos x

    (Posted on 2012-09-09 09:36:00 by irene durcan)
  36. ooopppsss
    My Email address for any information is [email protected]

    (Posted on 2012-07-02 13:24:00 by Neil Andrews)
  37. Hi
    I'm trying to trace my gypsy origins with a hope of finding and contacting and getting to know my gypsy family.
    The last known traveller was my great grandad whom i know as Jonny Harper.
    I know of only two of his daugters Winnie Harper i dont know her married name and his other daughter Nellie Harper my grand mother which is were my name Neil comes from.
    My Grand mother Married and became Nellie Parker and she Later remarried and became known has Nellie Andrews.
    I know that the Harpers had connections to heath common in wakefield and that Jonny Harper owned a farm in Briestfield near Wakefield i aslo know tha Jonney had a brother who became a music hall entertainer and i'm lead to believe that his stage name was Samuel Sug.
    Any information would be greatfully recieved.

    (Posted on 2012-07-02 13:19:00 by Neil Andrews)
  38. OOps forgot my e-mail address [email protected] Cheers!

    (Posted on 2012-06-20 14:53:00 by Ozzy)
  39. Hi there I own a 27x8ft Jubilee caravan but I dont know its age or model. Can anyone help?

    (Posted on 2012-06-20 14:50:00 by Ozzy)
  40. hello all , what a kushti web site , mandi comes the purry vardas , any ways , love the web site , keep up the good work ken ,

    (Posted on 2012-06-16 01:32:00 by james petulengro)
  41. hello i'm looking for sum info on the nuvardo's as i have 1985 one and i need sum bands for her if sum one got sum info cne e-mail me on [email protected] thanks

    (Posted on 2012-05-02 17:10:00 by lee)
  42. i am looking for wardrobe and other mirrors for a westmoreland star and other bits please email me at [email protected] thanks

    (Posted on 2012-04-25 13:13:00 by michaelfury)
  43. good to see needys haveing there own web sites ile send some photos in

    (Posted on 2012-03-08 20:04:00 by butler)
  44. hi i have a roma supreme its about a 1992,i am lookong for somw windows for it,does anyone know where i would get them apart from ebay,cheaper the better,i need a drop window and a kitchen window which is the long one.would be grateful.
    and this is a really good site im on it a lot looking at the old trailers on here,nice to see.oh and also does anyone know where i could get some new colour bands for this trailer,mines ok but i would like to freshen it up.thanks a lot.
    where would i get some stainless from,my dad owns an arro and he wants to put more on the outside,again let me know thankyou x

    (Posted on 2012-03-01 23:53:00 by emily mosley)
  45. hello im looking for a Vickers ..... e-mail me on [email protected]

    (Posted on 2012-02-22 20:01:00 by lee)
  46. can you help us we are two travellers wich are trying to get a web site going called its for gypsys travellers for selling and buying traveller items

    (Posted on 2012-01-24 21:39:00 by tim)
  47. hi ken
    you getting my emails and messages ?

    (Posted on 2012-01-23 23:15:00 by dan sullivan)
  48. Tony. If you see this can you mail me please. Cheers.

    (Posted on 2011-11-16 12:01:00 by Ken)
  49. karen.hello,i have rebuilt two westmorland stars and one vickers,in my experience the door hinges can be replaced with similar hinges which would have been used at that time being th 1970s,early landrover rear door hinges would be similar and i used some of these on my westmorland star and looks as close to the originals.the other idea is to go to a metal foundry and get the originals rmade,but would be very expensive.good luck.

    (Posted on 2011-11-09 12:45:00 by gary orange)
  50. karen.hello,i have rebuilt two westmorland stars and one vickers,in my experience the door hinges can be replaced with similar hinges which would have been used at that time being th 1970s,early landrover rear door hinges would be similar and i used some of these on my westmorland star and looks as close to the originals.the other idea is to go to a metal foundry and get the originals rmade,but would be very expensive.good luck.

    (Posted on 2011-11-09 12:45:00 by gary orange)
  51. Hi, does anyone know where i can get door hinges for an old portmaster please? Need to get my door back on asap!!!!
    Thanks. please email me on [email protected] if you do.


    (Posted on 2011-11-08 10:52:00 by karenc)
  52. Hi,,Ken.
    We chatted some years ago..I just looked up your brilliant site..I take it you have suffered a loss.. I,m sorry for this
    Best regards,,

    (Posted on 2011-10-24 14:58:00 by Steve)
  53. Hi Chris, regarding your comment about Outlook Home Insurance. My name is David House and I run the Outlook Scheme. Please give our sales team a call on 0845 873 4892 and we'll be happy to help. I believe we are the only firm interested in insuring gypsy caravans (of all types). We look forward to hearing from you. Regards, David House.

    (Posted on 2011-10-11 13:30:00 by outlook)
  54. Hi
    I am trying to get my trailer insured is Outlook any good or have any other companies for the same Chris

    (Posted on 2011-10-07 22:27:00 by Chris)
  55. hi there i have a roma gt 1997 25ft in very good con it as two drop windows green and cream l shaped bunks glass cabernet from floor to roof only used as bed room,looking for a tabbert or wilk, ring me for more info on 07825550813 ask for jay,,,,,,,,first to see will buy

    (Posted on 2011-08-03 15:18:00 by jason)
  56. Tom and Owen. Try Roma Caravans, they might beable to help.

    (Posted on 2011-07-21 17:16:00 by Ken)
  57. I am looking for the company that provides the plastic coverings for my caravans seats, can anyone advise where to purchase this from

    (Posted on 2011-07-10 22:04:00 by Owen)
  58. i have a blue buccanner trailer 1988 and the blue band is faded v badly on one side looking to redo the band does anyone now where i can order it

    (Posted on 2011-07-05 19:43:00 by tom)
  59. may you be surrounded by youre loved ones and friends ken,and have all the good people around you at your sad time.catch you in the summer ken.regards gary and family.

    (Posted on 2011-05-22 20:28:00 by gary orange)
  60. ken im so sorry about your los my hart goes out to you and your family .
    best wishes albert

    (Posted on 2011-05-20 22:14:00 by albert)
  61. dear ken , denise and familly
    we are very sorry to hear your sad loss and our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time
    all our love and god bless you all
    dan sullivan , family and all staff at roma caravans

    (Posted on 2011-05-17 19:15:00 by dan sullivan)
  62. Had a good day at Stow. Was nice to see so many people......but missed Gary & Rupert, sorry boys!

    (Posted on 2011-05-13 18:16:00 by Ken)
  63. Mr Wilson if you email me I will try to help. [email protected]

    (Posted on 2011-05-06 09:43:00 by Ken)
  64. Ello there, i need to get intouch with the Wilsons/Fosters. if any one can help please let me know. Thankyou. if would be very helpfull.

    (Posted on 2011-05-05 18:36:00 by Mr, Wilson)
  65. thanks grahame
    glad you like kens site and our new romas , wait till you see the latest ones we have built for customers
    we will be at stow next week with 2 trailers so if your going pop in and say hello

    (Posted on 2011-05-04 19:34:00 by dan sullivan)
  66. Really enjoy this site.Congratulations on getting over 1M visitors.

    Best wishes Frank.

    (Posted on 2011-05-03 17:02:00 by Frank)
  67. what a great site did not think there would be so much to look at .....been on line for hours.....great memories for me like turning the clock back, love all the old 70s photos, and love the new roma trailors,

    (Posted on 2011-05-02 20:57:00 by graeme peddieson)
  68. what a great site did not think there would be so much to look at .....been on line for hours.....great memories for me like turning the clock back, love all the old 70s photos, and love the new roma trailors,

    (Posted on 2011-05-02 20:57:00 by graeme peddieson)
  69. ken

    quiet something ?
    i think its bloody outstanding , what an achievement eh !!!
    got your email btw , reply later just in from day out
    best regards

    (Posted on 2011-05-01 18:34:00 by dan sullivan)
  70. Today the website has achieved a million hits..........quite something !!

    (Posted on 2011-04-30 12:13:00 by Ken)
  71. hi ken im new to this website and i carnt find any links to either add a photo or place an advert , do i email you the pictures if so what is your email address mine is [email protected] thanks

    (Posted on 2011-04-26 18:45:00 by michaelfury)
  72. Thanks to the people who have posted on here, I havent been on for a while. So to answer some of the questions. To get photos on here you need to email or post them to me to put on.
    The trailers/motors that are 'for sale' are adverts but not sold by me so I cant answer questions about them, contact the owner. Some of the stuff is probably sold but I dont know unless Im told !!
    If anyone wants to be put in touch with somebody please email me, if I can help I will but I dont put anyones personal details on here unless asked to.
    Hope to get some new stuff on the site soon its been quiet for a while now........
    All the best to everyone. Ken.

    (Posted on 2011-04-22 21:16:00 by Ken)
  73. hi i was looking at albert scamps modle trailers doe anyone now does he make them to order has anyone now rougthly how much and how long to make i am intrested if any on has one for sale ect

    (Posted on 2011-04-18 19:45:00 by tom price)
  74. hello ken hope all is well bin looking on your website and im glued to it some lovely old pics on here iv got a carlight continental and a cf 2 panel van now il send some pics is it still the same email address thanks shane

    (Posted on 2011-04-05 02:13:00 by shane deadman)
  75. hi there i see you have avickers for sale on your web site its on a good wel are u selling it its the one with some blue mirrors do you no where abouts it is in england. is the condition good please reply

    (Posted on 2011-04-04 22:28:00 by roseprice)
  76. how do i upload photos onto the site

    (Posted on 2011-04-03 20:57:00 by michaelfury)
  77. Handsome photos of the Wilsons/Fosters, not saw the Wilsons for years, dose anyone have any contact details for them, ifso let me know. thanks

    (Posted on 2011-04-03 16:35:00 by Mr.Wilson)
  78. hello people,do anyone know where i can get two windows for a roma supreme trailer,no no seems to know where to get any so if anyone on here knows please let me know thanks...

    (Posted on 2011-04-03 08:04:00 by emily86)
  79. hi ken can you change my email address on the tl lorry ad on here to [email protected] plz as the 1 on heres spelt wrong fanks mike

    (Posted on 2011-03-31 21:28:00 by mike smith)
  80. Can you email me the trailer still looking as good?. Cheers. Ken.

    (Posted on 2011-03-16 20:33:00 by Ken)
  81. the roma on interiors belongs to fred manson

    (Posted on 2011-03-16 19:22:00 by fred manson)
  82. Hi, two things. Here is a link for Dan looking for buccaneer glass. Also I am looking for some replacement windows for a 1980's Roma Special Supreme, two side windows, one bedroom end and one at the sofa end. Also a roof light. Greatful for any replies or the number/email of a good caravan breaker. Cheers, Felix.

    (Posted on 2011-03-15 22:12:00 by Felix)
  83. Hey Rupert. Congratulations to you both on the birth of Lex. !! will sort the 'showmans' out, been having a few probs with editing the site, but sorted now. Cheers. Ken

    (Posted on 2011-03-15 20:25:00 by Ken)
  84. hi could albert scamp let me no if hes making any more models
    my email is [email protected] thanks

    (Posted on 2011-03-14 22:34:00 by hugh)
  85. hi ken, gary, dan and the rest of us surrounded by projects and other various beautiful chrome covered trailers.....
    ken i hope you can help me sell my 1960's showmans...i just listed it on name on there is bootratpalace....many thanks c u soon.....nurvardo sold....cheers...
    ps gary you owe me a pint !!! and my misses had a little boy we called Lex, born yesterday !! great stuff........cheers

    (Posted on 2011-03-13 20:32:00 by rupert)
  86. Hi, thanks for collecting all the pics on this site, me n the mrs often come here for a look at other peoples pride n joy!. I was wondering if anyone could point me towards someone who could supply replacement cut glass mirror for an 80s buccaneer. I also have a marshall supreme which needs new worksurface I need some matching formica for it, again any ideas? cheers

    (Posted on 2011-03-11 20:14:00 by Dave)
  87. hi Brian and Pat. Great to hear from you........the rodeo and c&w music event sounds great, wish we were there.!! Ive been at home a few weeks now so need to go away........Birmingham here I come LOL.
    All the best to you both. Ken.

    (Posted on 2011-03-10 21:26:00 by Ken)
  88. Ken and the family, just a line from me and Pat in Texas to say 'Hi y'aal' from the Lone Star State. Ken, you've made this site fantastic, it's better than ever.

    It's rodeo time at the moment in Houston. Dozens of ranchers and cowboys and cow girls ride horses and drive covered wagons and mule carts in to Houston before the Rodeo starts. Most of them stop over in a big park. It lasts 3 weeks and there's lots of rodeo events and country and western singers and a good time to be had. I bet most Travellers would love it.

    Best wishes, Brian and Pat.

    (Posted on 2011-03-10 21:04:00 by brian)
  89. hi, fantastic web site. we are in the middle of renovating a 1984 buccaneer and an original nuvardo year unknown but she has perspex windows and we hope some one can tell us where to get replacement window blinds for both these trailers as they are all missing. we hope to be posting photosdsoon as we,re also living in a mint 1994 roma special. many thanks for great web site. andy and haze.

    (Posted on 2011-03-09 19:36:00 by andy and hazel)

    (Posted on 2011-03-01 12:30:00 by albert scamp)
  91. email me Natalie and Ill give you the details. Ken.

    (Posted on 2011-02-27 12:58:00 by Ken)
  92. Hi ya, could ya give me the contact details for Albert Scamp, the man that makes the model traliers? only me dad wants one. Thanks.

    (Posted on 2011-02-27 09:41:00 by Natalie Jane)
  93. hello ken,and all,thanks for the adress for the stainless man,got my bits so should be putting the westmorland star on ebay soon,maybe put it up on here too,should be ready to go ,all new roof ,took a long time,will let the buyer respray it as thats all it will need,make way for the other westmornin to be done for summer then thats going ,keeping the full chrome vickers for preservation and showing!keep the best for yourself!thanks any way and speak soon.welldone dan by the way nice to hear youll be saving another flash westmornin,hope its a good one.good luck all.

    (Posted on 2011-02-27 12:31:00 by gary orange)
  94. I love the site; fantastic photographs. I am looking a for a Nuvardo or similar, dry but doesn't have to be pristine, to live in from mid-April and to preserve. Please do e-mail me on [email protected] I am watching your beautiful vehicle on ebay closely too! Many thanks Vanessa

    (Posted on 2011-02-26 11:59:00 by Vanessa)
  95. hi rupert
    how you doing !
    still chuckle how i se yu up the m5 that day - lol
    watch this space for new trailers just being finished and a new kitchen trailer we just built !
    picked up a 75 westmorland today as well so its all go
    best regards to al

    (Posted on 2011-02-25 20:01:00 by DAN SULLIVAN)
  96. hi ken,hope you well,regarding our chat today.... i have listed the nuvardo on ebay for you to see...... hope you dont mind me adding i have a 1962 shannon special 30ft showmans for sale, a lovely royale, ready to use....and am breaking a buccaneer (blue windows etc) away for the next wk but will be available after that..07969 027261....thanks again and the website looks great....hi to dan and trevor and everyone out there ! ...keep in touch , rupert..(bootratpalace is the ebay name-dont ask !!)...

    (Posted on 2011-02-24 22:10:00 by rupert)
  97. Thankyou both !

    (Posted on 2011-02-22 19:10:00 by Ken)
  98. What a brilliant site! beats watching the telly hands down - well done!

    (Posted on 2011-02-21 23:17:00 by Chris)
    NIYAS TUKE MURRO PHARL ( thank you my brother )

    (Posted on 2011-02-18 16:39:00 by ROBERT GORDON ( BELFAST ))
  100. Hi Janey. Can you send me an email. [email protected]
    cheers. Ken.

    (Posted on 2011-02-14 14:30:00 by Ken)

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